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Watch Scorpion TV Series From Anywhere

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

Scorpion is an action-drama TV series which currently airs on the CBS channel. The series, which made its debut in September’ 2014, draws inspiration from the life of real-life computer expert Walter O’Brien. Although the series has received a mixed response from the critics, it fared much better with the audiences which prompted CBS to renew it for a second season (which premiered in September’ 2015). In this informative article, you will learn how to unblock Scorpion TV Series from any location with the help of a VPN/SmartDNS service.

Scorpion Storyline

Walter O’Brien is a computer genius who used to work with federal agent Cabe Gallo but parted ways when the software designed by him was used by United States during a bombing mission in Iraq. He was subsequently recruited by the Department of Homeland Security as a part of Scorpion, one of the most sophisticated teams ever assembled to tackle high-tech threats from around the world. Apart from Walter, the team comprises of Sylvester Dodd, the human calculator; Happy Quinn who deals with mechanical things; Toby Curtis, a Harvard-trained behaviorist and Paige Dineen, a former actress who helps the team interact with people. Together, the team must deal with complex threats and save the world from criminals and terrorists.

How To Watch Scorpion TV Series?

Scorpion is telecast on Monday nights at 9 PM on the CBS channel. Cord cutters can stream the series with the help of the following link.

As you might be already aware, most web-based On-Demand streaming services are geographically restricted. The same is true for CBS which means you won’t be able to watch the episodes of Scorpion (as well as other CBS shows) if you happen to be based outside United States. If you are trying to watch the series from outside United States, you will come across the following “Content Unavailable” message:


CBS uses a variety of techniques to determine the location of visitors but IP address plays a pivotal role in the whole process. These location based restrictions even apply for American expats and tourists because their IP address fails to beat the strict filters used by CBS.

How To Bypass CBS Restrictions And Watch Scorpion From Anywhere?

If you liked the first season of Scorpion and wish to stream its second season from abroad, here is some cool news for you. While officially you can’t stream the series because of having a non-US IP address (provided by your overseas ISP), there is no one stopping you from switching to a US IP and thus beat the filters used by CBS. While switching your IP, it is better to stay away from proxies and use a VPN/SmartDNS service instead since they provide much better speeds and offer a reliable way of masking your location. If this sounds interesting, here is how you can watch Scorpion with the help of an IP changing service:

Step 1) Check out the features offered by different VPN/SmartDNS providers and subscribe to a trustworthy solution. Here are some good providers that can help you out:

Step 2) The second step is to configure the service on a computer, Smartphone or tablet (or even on a Smart TV or gaming console). While the setup does involve modifying the default network settings of a device, it is not difficult at all and can be finished within 5 minutes. A much better option to configure the service is to install the pre-configured software supplied by your vendor.

Step 3) Remember to save and apply all the changes before you exit the configuration window. Also, remember to stop and restart the CBS app on your Smartphone/table for the changes to take effect.

Step 4) Once the configuration is complete, you can run the service by clicking on its desktop icon.

Step 5) Upon successful completion, the IP address of your computer/mobile device will change to an IP provided by your VPN/SmartDNS vendor. If you configured the service manually then you would get a US based IP address automatically. On the other hand, if you are using the software provided by your vendor, you would need to check the location of your new IP and switch to a US based server in case you don’t get an American IP address upon connection.

Step 6) Once you are sure that you have a US IP address, navigate to the homepage of Scorpion series through your browser/app. Since your new IP satisfies all the requirement laid down by CBS, you should have no trouble in streaming the series from your current location.

April 19, 2016

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