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How To Watch Rio Olympics Online?

Sunday, August 14th, 2016

The biggest sporting extravaganza on the earth is finally here! The 2016 Summer Olympics (also known as Rio 2016) promises to be bigger and better than ever before. The mega event will feature 11,000+ athletes from 206 nations vying for 306 sets of medals in 28 different sports categories. While fan favorite events like athletics, gymnastics, swimming, football, boxing, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, shooting and tennis are going to enthrall millions of viewers from across the world; this Olympics is also notable for including rugby and golf after almost 100 years.

Rio 2016 is scheduled to be held between 5th August’ 2016 and 21st August’ 2016 at 38 different sporting venues spread across 6 different Brazilian cities (including Sao Paulo, Brasília, Salvador and of course, Rio de Janeiro). The event kicked off with a dazzling opening ceremony which showcased Brazil’s rich culture and was focused on climate change happening throughout the world. Although the buildup to Rio 2016 was marred by delays and controversies, the event itself promises to be a memorable one for athletes as well as viewers.

How To Watch Rio Olympics?

Being a major sporting event, Summer Olympics is telecast almost all over the world. The International Olympic Committee has tied up with more than 100 broadcasters from all over the world so you can watch the event live on TV regardless of your current location and time zone. However, it must also be said here that the TV coverage is tailored for local viewers and would vary significantly from one country to another. This is not a problem for a majority of viewers but it is definitely going to pose a challenge for sports lovers following certain sports as well as tourists and expats looking forward to watch Olympics coverage from their home countries in a language of their choice.

How To Stream Rio Olympics Online?

Apart from traditional TV broadcasting, it is also possible to stream Rio 2016 online. Most of the official broadcasting partners have set up dedicated sites/channels to broadcast the event live online. This not only allows the viewers to stream their favorite sporting events on Smartphones, computers, Smart TVs and gaming consoles; it also makes it possible to watch the sporting extravaganza without a cable subscription.

Here is the list is streaming options available for watching Rio Olympics online:
(Note – Cable subscription is not needed for sites marked as Free)
USA – NBC (http://www.nbcolympics.com/), No Time Delays
UK – BBC Sport (http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/olympics/rio-2016), Free
Canada – CBC (http://olympics.cbc.ca/), Free
Australia – Seven Network (https://seven.com.au/olympics/), Free
France – France TV Sport (http://rio2016.francetvsport.fr/direct-replay/index.html), Free
Canal+ (http://www.canalplus.fr/sport/pid8432-rio-2016.html)
Germany – ZDF (http://www.zdf.de/), Free
Brazil – Rede Globo (http://redeglobo.globo.com/)
ESPN Brasil (http://espn.uol.com.br/)
Fox Sports Brazil (http://www.foxsports.com.br/)
Italy – Rai TV (http://www.rai.it/rio2016/)
Spain – RTVE (http://rio2016.rtve.es/video/), Free
China – CCTV (http://2016.cctv.com/), Free
New Zealand – Sky Television (https://www.sky.co.nz/olympics)
India – Star Sports (http://www.starsports.com/), Free
Worldwide – Olympics YouTube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/olympic), Free, Only selected events available

Although the above sites have increased the viewing options available to viewers, their availability is restricted only to geographical areas mentioned above. So if you happen to be a British expat residing in Middle East who wishes to watch BBC Sport coverage of the event, you are out of luck! Most online streaming service providers conduct strict IP checks to determine the location of their viewers before serving content to them.

Fortunately, it is possible to bypass such GEO-IP restrictions by making use of IP/DNS changing solutions like VPNs and SmartDNS services. Most premium VPN services are not free but they do allow you to mask your real IP (and thus location) and stream content which is not available at your current location.

Here are some highly recommended VPN/SmartDNS solutions to watch Rio 2016 online:

Most of the above companies have VPN/DNS servers in multiple countries which means you can not only watch the mega sporting event in your favorite language, you can also watch Olympics coverage from several different countries at your own convenience. So go ahead and watch the exclusive coverage of Rio 2016 on your favorite device!

August 14, 2016

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