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Watch Donny! TV Series From Anywhere

Thursday, April 7th, 2016

Donny! is a sitcom and comedy TV series which premiered on 10th November’ 2015. The show takes a humorous look at romance, wealth and media through the eyes of Donny. The character of Donny is based on famous TV personality, single dad and ad-man Donny Deutsch who stars as himself in the show. The series is actually a spoof of daytime talk shows and it does a pretty god job of making everyone laugh. The series was created by Donny Deutsch and Angie Day for the USA Network and it debuted to lukewarm response from the critics. This article will reveal how to watch the series from any location with the help of a VPN or SmartDNS service.

How To Watch Donny!?

As well as watching the show on the TV, you have the option of streaming the series on a computer or mobile device via this link.

The biggest caveat of the online streaming option is that it works only from within mainland United States. Viewers from all other locations get redirected to a page showing the message “This-content-is-not-available-in-your-location” whenever they try to stream the show from their current locations. These restrictions do not spare American expats and tourists as well and they too are barred from streaming Donny! (as well as other USA Network shows) because of their non-US locations.

How Does USA Network Block International Viewers?

Like many other online streaming services, USA Network checks the IP address of all the viewers and segregates them according to their location. While viewers with a US IP address are allowed to stream Donny! instantly, those with international IPs are redirected to the “Content Unavailable” page. USA Network cannot allow international viewers to stream the series because it has signed content sharing agreements with a number of overseas content providers. Such agreements are often used by US content creators to distribute their shows in other countries.

Is It Possible To Stream Donny! From Outside US?

While the USA Network has imposed technical barriers for international viewers, streaming Donny! is indeed possible from any location. In order to stream the show from anywhere, you just need to switch to a US IP address or use USA Network approved DNS settings. This can be achieved by using solutions like VPNs or SmartDNS services. If you are interested in watching the show from abroad, just follow the steps given below:

Step 1) Subscribe to a monthly (or half-yearly/yearly) plan offered by a trustworthy VPN or SmartDNS service provider. The following services have stood the test of time and are highly recommended for unblocking USA Network from anywhere:

Step 2) Check out the setup options offered by your vendor. Many popular service providers offer their own VPN/SmartDNS clients but depending on your device, you may have to configure the service manually. Just follow the setup instructions supplied by your service provider and you should be up and running within no time.

Step 3) Save all the configuration changes and restart the machine if recommended by your provider. In particular, remember to close and restart the USA Network app and clear the browsing history along with the cookies.

Step 4) Once the setup is complete, you must test the service. This can be done either by navigating to the Networking section of your device or by clicking/tapping on the desktop icon of the service.

Step 5) The service will connect to the default VPN server (or the server specified by you) and show “Connection Successful” message once the connection is established. Before you fire up the USA Network app, please verify the location of your new IP address. This is essential because you may get connected to a non-US server upon initial connection. Switch to the nearest US-based server manually if your new IP is still not from United States.

Step 6) Visit the Donny! homepage once again through the browser/app. Since you have masked your real IP with the help or a VPN, USA Network will now allow you to stream the series regardless of your actual location.

April 7, 2016

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