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How To Unblock NCIS: New Orleans From Outside US?

Friday, April 1st, 2016

NCIS: New Orleans is a police procedural and crime drama TV series which currently airs on the CBS channel. The series, which made its debut in September’ 2014, is the second spinoff series in the NCIS franchise after NCIS: Los Angeles. The series is set in the New Orleans and focuses on a team of Special Agents working for Naval Criminal Investigative Service. The team handles crimes occurring between Mississippi River and the Texas Panhandle and is being led by Dwayne Cassius Pride. The team comprises of Special Agents Christopher LaSalle, Meredith Brody and Sonja Percy and is assisted by forensic investigators Dr. Loretta Wade and Sebastian Lund. If you’re looking to view the show outside of the US, you are in look. Keep on reading to find out how

How To Watch NCIS: New Orleans?

NCIS: New Orleans is telecast on Tuesday nights at 9 PM on the CBS channel. However, it is also possible to stream the latest episodes of the series directly on a computer or mobile device through the following link.

However, since CBS has decided to geographically limit the show’s availability, the above link won’t work outside United States. People who try to access the series from an international location would see the following blunt message:


If you are wondering why American content providers like CBS prevent international viewers from watching their shows, here is the simple explanation. US content creators often partner with international content providers and satellite channels to distribute their shows outside US since it is next to impossible for a provider to have a presence all over the world. For instance, to distribute NCIS: New Orleans, CBS has partnered with Global TV in Canada, Network Ten in Australia, Channel 5 in UK and DStv for the African territories. While transferring the distribution rights, US based content creators also need to guarantee that they won’t allow international viewers from accessing the show online. CBS implements this by checking the IP address of all the visitors and redirecting international viewers to the “Content Unavailable” page.

How To Bypass CBS’ Restrictions And Watch NCIS: New Orleans From Anywhere?

By now you know that your IP address plays a crucial role in streaming On-Demand services. By simply changing your IP address or DNS settings through a VPN or SmartDNS service, you can defeat the strict geographical filters used by CBS (and other content providers). Here is a small guide on how to watch the series from anywhere:

1) Compare the features offered by various VPN and SmartDNS service providers and choose a service that suits your needs. Here are some providers which provide US IP addresses or support streaming of CBS shows:

2) For configuring the service on your computer or mobile device, you need to follow the setup instructions supplied by your vendor. While some of the above companies do supply pre-configured clients, usually such softwares are not available for mobile devices. For manually configuring the service, you must open the Network Connections area of your device and change the existing networking settings.

3) After configuring the service, you need to save the changes and reboot the machine. It is also equally essential to clear cache/cookies and restart the CBS app on mobile devices so that it uses the latest network configuration.

4) Run the service by clicking on its desktop icon. You can even start the service through the network settings panel in case you have configured the service manually.

5) Once the connection is successful, you must validate that your new IP address is indeed from within United States. This step is only needed if you are using the software supplied by your vendor to connect to the service. If you get connected to a non-US VPN server by default, switch to the nearest US-based server to get a US IP address.

6) Visit the homepage of NCIS: New Orleans once again and try to stream one of the available episodes. Since your new IP address is from US, CBS should allow you to watch the latest episodes of the series.

April 1, 2016

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