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How To Unblock Humans TV Series Outside US?

Sunday, August 14th, 2016

Humans is a science-fiction TV series which premiered on AMC and Channel 4 in June’ 2015. The series is a British-American collaboration and is based on award winning Swedish TV series “Real Humans”. The series has garnered rave reviews from the critics plus it has also been renewed for a second season which is going to premiere in 2016. In this article, you will learn how to unblock Humans series from outside US with a VPN service.

The story of Humans takes place in the parallel present where Synths, highly advanced robot servants; have become commonplace. Since Synths look and act like real humans, they are not only making the lives of people easier, they are increasingly blurring the distinction between machines and human beings. When the presence of Synths starts threatening social order, it gives rise to a movement which aims to wipe them out. The series deals with a number of themes including artificial intelligence and human-robot interaction plus it also explores the cultural, social and psychological impact of having anthropomorphic robots at home.

How To Watch Humans Series?

If you like science-fiction shows then you can stream the first season of Humans through the following link.

The bad news for you is that the above link won’t work unless you are based within mainland United States (or more specifically have a US IP address). Viewers clicking on the above link from other locations would just see the following error message:


Since Humans is a British-American collaboration, the broadcasting rights for the series are shared between AMC (for United States and Canada) and Channel 4 (for United Kingdom). Due to the joint production and content sharing agreements signed between them, both AMC and Channel 4 have agreed not to let international viewers watch the series online. AMC checks the IP address of all the viewers and only permits viewers with American IPs to watch the episodes of Humans whereas Channel 4 only allows British viewers to watch the series. Unfortunately, this decision even impacts British and American expats and tourists and prevents them from streaming the series from other locations.

How To Bypass AMC’s Geographical Filters And Stream The Series From Anywhere?

While international viewers may think that it is impossible to stream Humans (as well as other AMC shows) due to IP restrictions, the truth is anyone can watch the show’s episodes just by switching to an American IP address or changing their device’s DNS settings. There are numerous ways of achieving this but for streaming TV shows in High Definition, I recommend subscribing to either a VPN or SmartDNS service. Here are the simple steps that would allow you to stream the Humans TV series from anywhere:

Step 1) Subscribe to a trustworthy VPN or SmartDNS service which offers unlimited speed and bandwidth. Here are good some options worth considering:

Step 2) Once your order is confirmed, you will receive setup instructions from your service provider. The setup process may either involve installing an app on your preferred device or modifying the existing network settings of your computer, Smartphone or tablet.

Step 3) Save the new configuration settings so that the networking changes can take effect. In addition, you must remember to stop and restart the AMC app.

Step 4) Test the service by clicking/tapping on its icon. If there is no desktop icon for the service available (happens when you configure the service manually), you must navigate to the Network Connections area, locate the connection icon for the new service and double click on it.

Step 5) The service will connect to the default VPN server (happens when you are using the software supplied by the vendor) or the server specified by you. In case, your vendor has deployed its default VPN server outside United States, you need to perform an additional step. Once the connection is established, you must search for the nearest US based server and use it as your server of choice.

Step 6) The final step is to visit the homepage of Humans TV series on the AMC website via browser or app. Since you have gone to great lengths to hide your real IP address and location from AMC, you should now be able to stream the series’ episodes without coming across any error messages.

August 14, 2016

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