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Tigervpns VPN Review – What Should You Expect?

Sunday, May 18th, 2014

Tigervpns VPN offers mobile and desktop privacy solutions to its customers. The service was launched in 2010 with a handful of servers but over the last few years, it has expanded its network significantly. This Tigervpns VPN Review will focus on reviewing the most important features of the Tigervpns VPN service and disclose whether it is worth subscribing.

Server Locations and Site Access

Tigervpns has a presence in 10 different countries including United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, China and Japan. By connecting to the company’s VPN gateways, you would be able to unblock GEO-IP restricted services such as Hulu, iTV Player, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, FOX, HBO Go, Pandora, Demand 5, Canal+, CBS, RTL, Direct 8, 4OD, ABC Player, NBC, Pluzz, ProSieben, Spotify, Youku, Lovefilm, MLB, CWTV, Eurosport, Mio TV, Rara, Deezer, Arte, Tudou, USA Network, Sky Go, Amazon Prime, MyTV, TVB, Das Erste, Film1, TNT, TMC, PPTV, Sport1, STV, NHL, UK TV, Xfinity, MTV, Vevo and Vudu from all over the world as well as access frequently blocked websites like Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Gmail, YouTube and Viber from offices, schools and countries like China, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Brazil. Customers of the service can switch servers at any time so it is possible to unblock local and streaming services from multiple countries with just one subscription.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

Tigervpns offers both metered and unmetered plans to its subscribers. Regardless of the plan that you choose, you would be able to stream TV shows and movies in HD, download large files, use VOIP and play multiplayer games without experiencing any lags or delays. On the downside, the service cannot be used for sharing or downloading content through P2P.

Privacy Settings

Tigervpns delivers its service via PPTP and L2TP protocols. While these two protocols are not considered as secure as the OpenVPN protocol, they do offer compatibility with most Operating systems as well as mobile devices. The service offers a minimum of 128 bit encryption for protecting banking, shopping and social networking activities even if you happen to connect to the internet via an unsecured public Wi-Fi hotspot (available at many malls, airports, coffee shops and hotels).

As far as the logging policy is concerned, the company does log connection details (including IP address) for few days. However, it does not share customer information with third parties unless it is demanded by a law enforcement agency.

Supported Operating Systems

Tigervpns works well with Windows, Mac, iPads, iPhones, Android, Linux and FreeBSD (the service can even be used from multiple devices at the same time). The company offers a VPN client for Windows and app for Android. However, if you wish to use the service on Apple devices or Linux OS then you would need to configure the service manually. The company does provide detailed setup instructions on its portal so the configuration process should not take more than few minutes. On the downside, the company’s website seems outdated since it doesn’t contain the latest information available on its app page at Google Play store.

Customer Support

Tigervpns offers ticket based support to its customers. The company has not published any kind of troubleshooting information on its portal so you would need to contact the support staff even for minor issues.

Pricing Options

Tigervpns’ limited bandwidth plans (with no expiry date) are available from $2.5 for 5 GB, $25 for 50 GB and $45 for 100 GB. On the other hand, the company’s unmetered bandwidth plans cost $3.5 for a month, $10.5 for 90 days and $33.6 for 360 days. The company offers 500 MB free trial to all new customers and even provides a 30 day money back guarantee.

Final Verdict

Overall, Tigervpns offers a satisfactory service. While the company’s official website looks dated and unprofessional, its Android app is well-reviewed and extremely popular. We recommend subscribing to the free trial offered by the company to check if the service meets your privacy and content needs. For more information, please visit: tigervpns.com.

May 18, 2014

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