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SecureTunnel Review – A Versatile VPN Service

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

SecureTunnel is a US based security company that is committed to protecting the online privacy of its customers. Founded in 2009, the service helps you to secure your online sessions and bypass almost any kind of online restriction. In the SecureTunnel Review below, we look at some of the important features of the service and help you to decide whether you should subscribe to it.

Server Locations and Site Access

SecureTunnel has VPN servers in 9 different countries – USA, UK, Hong Kong, Chile, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Russia and Singapore. The ample choice of server locations makes it easy to bypass firewalls and access location restricted sites from anywhere. For instance, SecureTunnel allows you to access Skype from Middle East; Facebook, Gmail, YouTube and Twitter from China and sites like Hulu, CBS, BBC iPlayer, ABC, HBO On Demand, 4OD, Amazon videos, Rara, Eurosport, Pandora, iTV Player, NFL and Netflix from just about anywhere. Due to the liberal server switching policy of the company, it is possible to unblock country restricted services from all the 9 countries listed above with just one plan.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

SecureTunnel’s servers are optimized for high speed and reliability so you will get best speeds and unmatched bandwidth through the company’s network. The service works great for common online activities like browsing, streaming movies, downloading and gaming. While the company allows bittorrenting activities through its network, you cannot share or download content through the company’s US based servers.

Privacy Settings

Being a privacy organization, SecureTunnel knows the importance of keeping the private information of its customers safe. The company will not hand over your information to third parties unless it is required to do so by law. The company maintains bare minimum logs to keep its VPN network up and running but it does not monitor or spy on user activities.

The company offers up to 1024-bit encryption to secure the online sessions of its users. The service secures all your important data such as IP address, passwords, social accounts and credit card details through its tunnel. For customers desiring high level of security, the company offers SSH tunnel VPN that comes with 1024-bit security. The service also offers bulletproof security for wireless sessions so that your precious data is not stolen by hackers or criminal when you are using low security Wi-Fi hotspots (common at airports, coffee shops, malls, public parks and libraries).

Supported Operating Systems

SecureTunnel VPN works well with Windows (7/8/Vista/XP), iOS (iPad and iPhone), Mac OS X, Linux (Ubuntu and other flavors) and Android (Smartphones and tablets). It is even possible to configure the service on Smart TVs and gaming consoles through a DD-WRT router. The setup/configuration is simple and it is also possible to use the service from a USB/Flash drive. The company has posted detailed installation guidelines for each device and operating system on its website so even people new to VPN technology can configure the service with ease.

Customer Support

The company offers unmatched customer support through email and live chat. As the live chat facility is available only during business hours, it is much better to contact the support through email in case you are facing sudden connectivity or technical issues. Don’t forget to check the FAQ and Knowledgebase sections since answers to most common technical problems are already available there.

Pricing Options

SecureTunnel offers 3 different plans for its customers – SecureTunnel Surf, SecureTunnel Private Network and SecureTunnel Complete. The Surf plan works only with desktop browsers and allows you to secure your browsing activities. The Private Network plan works with PCs/Macs and allows you to secure all applications on your desktop that connect to the internet. The Complete plan is the most versatile plan from the company and it works equally well on desktops and mobile devices. The Surf plan is available for $5.95/month ($59.95/year), the Private Network plan is available for $12.95/month ($129.95/year) whereas the Complete plan is available at $14.95/month ($149.95/year). The company does not offer a trial but it does have a 30 day money back guarantee so you can test the service without worrying about losing your money.

Final Verdict

On the whole, SecureTunnel offers a secure and reliable VPN service. While the service may appear expensive, it offers excellent speed and security along with customized VPN plans. So if you are looking for a versatile VPN service, check the VPN offers of SecureTunnel. For more information, please visit: www.Securetunnel.com.

June 4, 2013

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