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SecSys VPN Review – Robust VPN Service [Site not operating as of June 2014]

Friday, May 31st, 2013

SecSys VPN is brought to you by SecureSystems which is a company providing hosting and security solutions to its customers. Apart from VPN services, the company also offers proxy services, DDOS protection and dedicated servers to home and business customers. In this detailed SecSys VPN Review, we take a look at the company’s VPN service and evaluate its pros and cons to help you decide whether the service is worth subscribing. [Site not operating as of June 2014]

Server Locations

SecSys has VPN servers in 12 different countries – USA, UK, Germany, Poland, Italy, Canada, Netherlands, Russia, France, Luxembourg, Ukraine and Estonia. The extensive choice of server locations would help you to bypass local firewalls (especially from China, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Brazil) and help you to unlock GEOIP restrictive services like CTV, Demand 5, BBC iPlayer, ABC, Fox, HBO On Demand, Eurosport, CBS, ESPN, MTV, Amazon Video service, 4OD, Spotify, NBC, Rara and NFL from any location. Even though the service doesn’t provide unlimited server switching, it does allow you to switch servers a fixed number of times every month (depends on the plan) .

Speed and Bandwidth

SecSys VPN offers unlimited bandwidth and up to 1 GBPS port speed to its customers. The company also guarantees 100% uptime through its load balancing and failsafe mechanism. Unlike many other VPN companies, SecSys manages its own severs which provides the company an edge over other VPN providers. Due to high speeds and level of reliability offered, the VPN service is ideal for downloading big files, streaming movies, FTP, online gaming and VOIP activities.

Privacy Management

SecSys VPN offers up to 2048-bit encryption through its VPN plans. The service is compatible with PPTP, L2TP, SSTP and OpenVPN VPN protocols which are considered ideal for delivering the best possible security. The company also offers DDOS protection and an extra layer of security through a firewall for even better security. For premium and advance VPN subscribers, SecSys offers DoubleVPN and QuadVPN protection that add another 2 or 4 layers of anonymous servers between you and service providers for unparallel level of security. All these features would help you to secure your most common online activities like FTP, browsing, emailing and instant messaging even from low security wireless hotspots.

SecSys does not rent or sell users’ personal data or browsing history to third parties. Even though the company collects connection logs, you can opt for total anonymity (no logs whatsoever) during the signup process.

Supported Systems

SecSys VPN is available for Windows and Mac OS/X. The company offers a proprietary solution for Windows and Mac systems which makes it easy for anyone to install and use the service. The service is not yet available for mobile devices like iPads and iPhones but the company is expected to come up with a mobile VPN solution in the near future.

Customer Support

SecSys offers commendable support through live chat, ICQ and email. Since the live chat facility is available only during business hours, it is much better to contact the support staff through email to get quick answers to urgent connectivity and technical problems.

Pricing Options

SecSys offers 3 different VPN plans – Standard, Premium and Advance. The standard VPN service uses PPTP, L2TP and SSTP protocols and its subscribers get access to servers from 3 countries (USA, Netherlands and Russia with 3 server switches per month). The Premium VPN subscribers get access to servers from all the 12 countries (with 5 server switched per month) through OpenVPN, DoubleVPN and QuadVPN protocols. The advance VPN plan is very similar to the premium plan as far as protocols and server access is concerned but its subscribers get 10 server switches per month.

The Standard VPN plans start from $9/month ($27 for 3 months, $54 for 6 months and $112 for 12 months), the Premium VPN plans start from $15/month ($45 for 3 months, $90 for 6 months and $180 for 12 months) while the Advance VPN plans start from $19/month ($57 for 3 months and $99 for 6 months). The no-logging facility is available for an extra $3 per month plus advanced traffic filter firewall is available $2 per month. The company does not offer free trials but it does allow you to test Standard and Premium plans for a day for just $1. The company does not have a refund policy so it is recommended that you test the service before investing your money.

Final Verdict

One the whole, SecSys VPN delivers a robust VPN experience. While the service is not yet available for all devices, it offers unmatched level of security and very high speeds through its network. So if you want the best security to protect your online activities, subscribe to a SecSys VPN plan today. For more information, please visit: SecSys.net

May 31, 2013

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