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How To Save Money On Car Rentals by Using a VPN Service

Monday, April 11th, 2016

When you say the word VPN, most people only think about online privacy or a convenient way to stream On-Demand services. But did you know that savvy internet users are using VPNs for many different reasons including saving money on their travel expenses as well as car rentals? We have already published an article detailing how anyone can save a lot of money while booking their flight tickets through VPNs so in this informative article, we will focus only on how VPNs can help you to save money on car rentals.

How Car Rental Websites Charge Customers?

Before we post detailed steps for unlocking cheapest fares on car rental websites, it is important to understand how they work in the first place. While booking a car through a rental website, most people automatically assume that the fares displayed on their screens are the lowest fares. While this may be true for certain websites and routes, the fares also vary depending on your location (or more exactly your IP address). Many car rental websites have one set of prices for people making a car booking from say United States and another set of prices for people trying to book a car on the same route from a European country. The differential pricing strategy helps the car rental companies earn a tidy profit on every car booking made through a certain location. The sad news is that apart from some seasoned travelers, most people are not even aware that such a differential pricing system exists in the first place.

The differential pricing system also takes advantage of the fact that car rental is still considered as a luxury in many countries. People in Africa or Asia might be willing to spend more money while renting a car while a British or American tourist may not agree to shell out extra dollars for the same experience. Since most people book a car only in their country of residence, the car rental companies are able to offer different prices for local residents and visitors travelling from other countries.

How To Save Money On Car Rentals With A VPN?

Step 1) The first step is to subscribe to a reliable VPN service having servers in many different countries. While there are over 300 VPN providers on the internet, only a handful of them have servers across Europe, Americas and Asia. Here are some VPN services that are suitable for this method:


It is worth pointing out that subscribing to a VPN service is not exactly free. However, if you travel a lot and need to rent cars frequently then your small investment could be easily recovered through the savings made while booking your flight tickets or renting a car. For a one-off booking, you can even take advantage of the free trials offered by many VPN companies. However, in my opinion it is worthwhile to subscribe to a VPN service since it provides 100% online privacy and even provides quick access to hundreds of On-Demand services.

Step 2) After installing the VPN service on your computer or laptop, you must check the rental prices for the desired route with your real IP address. Here are the top car rental sites on the web:

– Hertz
– RentalCars
– Sixt
Make a note of the prices for the desired day and route.

Step 3) Close your browser and clear all traces of browsing history, cache and cookies. Some browsers even offer a Private Browsing mode which can automatically delete your browsing information as soon as you close the browser.

Step 4) Change your IP address with the help of the VPN service. If you are currently based in Europe, you can switch to an American IP address and vice versa. Visit the car rental sites again and check the rental prices for the desired day and route. More often than not, you would find a slight difference in rental price because of your new IP address.

Step 5) Repeat the steps 3 and 4 until you find the cheapest rental prices. I suggest changing your IP address at least 5-10 times although for some routes you may have to be patient and repeat the process more number of times. If your VPN provider has multiple servers within a country (for instance, VPN servers in New York, Los Angeles and Miami within United States) then you can even check the prices from multiple locations from a single country.

Step 6) Book the car having the lowest rental price with the same IP address which showed the deal.

April 11, 2016

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