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SafeIP VPN Review – An Excellent Free VPN Option

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

SafeIP LLC is a service provider from Switzerland that offers proxy and VPN services to its customers. Established in 2012, the company is well-known for its ad-free, never expiring free VPN solution. This SafeIP VPN Review will focus on the key features offered by SafeIP VPN and recommend whether you should subscribe to the service.

Server Locations and Site Access

When compared to other free VPN service providers, SafeIP offers an excellent choice of server locations. The company has VPN gateways in 40 cities that are spread across 24 different countries including United States, Germany, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, Singapore, Sweden, France, Australia, Switzerland, Spain, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Lithuania, Austria, Brazil, Finland, Indonesia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Israel, Italy and Romania.

SafeIP VPN makes it easy to unblock location restricted premium services like Netflix, Rara, Zattoo, ABC Player, Pandora, BBC iPlayer, Spotify, HBO Go, Sky Go, USA Network, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Demand 5, ABC iView, TV Tokyo, Mio TV, Deezer, Viasat, Wilmaa, 4OD, FOX, Lovefilm, TV Japan, Eurosport, Rai TV, Canal+, RTL, WimpMusic, Arte, CBS, iTV, TV Asahi, Direct 8, Das Erste, Pluzz, Voddler, NHL, CMore, MTV, Xfinity, NBC, CWTV, Vevo, TNT, Vudu and MLB from any location in the world. What’s more, the service makes it possible to bypass all types of restrictions and censorship and access sites such as Facebook, Skype, Gmail, Twitter, YouTube, Blogger, Viber and GTalk from workplaces, schools and countries like China, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Brazil and Thailand.

The Pro (paid) subscribers of the service are free to access servers from all the 40 countries so it becomes possible to unblock IP restricted content from multiple countries with just one VPN subscription. On the other hand, the free subscribers are allowed to connect to a handful of servers plus access to a particular VPN gateway is never guaranteed so you can never be sure whether you would be able to unlock premium content from a specific country.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

SafeIP does not throttle bandwidth or restrict bandwidth even for its free subscribers. This makes the service well-suited for resource hogging activities such as downloading, streaming, VOIP and multiplayer gaming. SafeIP’s VPN client has extra settings to speed up streaming, browsing and torrenting activities plus you can also connect to the nearest server automatically to enjoy the best speeds. What’s more, the service allows you to save money on your mobile data plans by compressing the traffic flowing through your device. On the downside, free subscribers cannot use the service for P2P activities.

Privacy Settings

SafeIP relies on the most secure VPN protocol currently available (OpenVPN with 2048 bit keys) to deliver its service. The high level of encryption guarantees security for banking, shopping and social networking activities plus it also allows you to protect your online sessions from surveillance and security attacks even if you are connected to unsecure Wi-Fi hotspots at malls, airports, public parks, book shops and hotels.

SafeIP logs connection details in an aggregate format but the company would never hand over personal data of its customers to anyone unless it is required to do so by a court order.

Supported Operating Systems

SafeIP works with Windows (XP, 2000, NT, Vista, 7, 8), Mac, Linux, iPads, iPhones and Android. The company offers a multi-lingual (support for 17 languages) VPN client for Windows and Android but users of other OS need to configure the service manually. The company’s VPN client is a feature-rich application that allows you to switch servers, change IPs automatically after a set time plus it also includes several security and privacy features (protection from DNS leaks, cookies, ads, malware and browser fingerprinting). The Pro subscribers can use the service from 5 different devices at the same time but the free subscribers do not get this facility.

Customer Support

SafeIP provides customer support only through a ticketing system. Unlike most VPN companies, the company has listed its telephone number on its website but you should use the ticketing system for faster resolution to your queries.

Pricing Options

As mentioned earlier, SafeIP offers an unlimited use, never-expiring, ad-free VPN solution to everyone. Customers who need access to all VPN gateways (plus support for multiple devices and torrenting) can upgrade to a Pro account by paying $9.95 for 3 months (or $29.95 for a year). Unlike other VPN companies, the company does not ask for any personal information during the signup process plus it is even possible to pay for the service anonymously.

Final Verdict

Overall, SafeIP scores well on most evaluation parameters. The company offers a dependable VPN service even to those who cannot afford to subscribe to an expensive privacy solution. So if you are looking for an affordable, fast and reliable privacy service, test drive the SafeIP VPN solution today. For more information, please visit: freesafeip.com.

May 14, 2014

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