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How To Play Pokemon Go With A VPN?

Saturday, March 4th, 2017

Pokemon Go is a blockbuster augmented reality game that has taken the world by storm. Developed by Niantic, Inc. in association with Nintendo, the game has been downloaded by over 130 million people since it was launched in July’ 2016. While the game has attracted its share of controversy for numerous security incidents and nuisance value, it has been hailed by gaming experts for its concept, promoting physical activity and popularizing location based augmented games. The future indeed looks bright for augmented reality games (especially the Pokemon Go franchise) since the game has managed to captivate the attention of media, tech companies and millions of ordinary people like no other game in the recent past.

While Pokemon Go is indeed a global phenomenon, it cannot be played throughout the world. Niantic has opted for a staggered release of the game to prevent undue burdening of its servers which means it could be months before the game is available the world over. As of mid-August’ 2016, the game can be played in just 69 countries. While the game is available in most American and European territories, it still cannot be played in some major and most populous countries like China, Russia, South Korea and India. This is indeed a disappointing news for gamers who want to participate in the Pokemon Go craze but are not able to do so due to their current location.

How To Play Pokemon Go From Any Location?

While Pokemon Go is still not available in a majority of countries, you can still play the game by masking your real location. This can be done by making use of VPN and GPS spoofing services. Here is a short guide on how to enjoy the game from anywhere:

1) Before downloading the Pokemon Go app from official iTunes/Google Play stores, change your location to US (or any other country where the game has been released) via a VPN service. We recommend using renowned service providers like ExpressVPNHideMyAssIPVanishVyprVPN, proXPNOverplayStrongVPN, PureVPNPrivate Internet AccessVPNSecureVPN.ac, Unlocator, SmartDNS Proxy, and Unblock-US for the purpose since these companies have servers all over the world.
2) Make sure to clear your cache and stop and restart the iTunes/Google Play apps before installing and initiating a VPN connection. After establishing a VPN connection and choosing a US server, connect to the official App store and then download and install Pokemon Go app on your device. (Note – Do not download Pokemon Go apps from third party app stores since those are mostly infested with malware).

3) In order to play the game itself, you would need to spoof your GPS location in addition to using a VPN service. GPS spoofing can be achieved via a “Fake GPS Location” on an Android device but it requires a jailbroken device as far as iPhones and iPads are concerned. Make sure to spoof your location to a big city (such as New York) where plenty of Pokemons are available. Also, please ensure that you choose the same location in VPN and GPS spoofing apps otherwise Niantic may ban you for few hours for masking your location.

March 4, 2017

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