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Netflix VPN Ban Working Effectively

Friday, October 14th, 2016

In January’ 2016, Netflix launched its streaming service pretty much all over the world. Soon after that, the company dropped a bombshell and announced that it would start blocking unblockers and VPN services which allow subscribers stream content that is not yet available in their countries. Since the move was likely to affect hundreds of thousands of Netflix subscribers from all over the world (including expats, business flyers, tourists and not to mention, overseas subscribers), many industry watchers as well as VPN service providers believed that the company would backtrack on its announcement and start allowing unblocker services again. But as months have passed since the original announcement, it is now clear that Netflix is dead serious about enforcing the ban and what’s more, the measures taken by the company to ban unblocker services are working effectively.

Justifying the ban on unblocker services, Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings said that the company has to respect the rights associated with the content that it acquires from the producers. He also said that it is highly likely that some other provider has acquired the rights for the same content in another territory so that must be respected. While overseas subscribers may not be happy with Netflix’s stance on VPNs, the company is communicating in clear terms that it does not own rights for the content that it acquires in all the countries. The company also wants subscribers to understand this point of view and refrain from using techniques which allow them to stream content for which Netflix doesn’t have a license in that particular territory.

While most VPN service providers believed that they would be able to bypass Netflix’s ban somehow, many of them are now realizing that it is almost impossible to beat the proxy and VPN detection system set up by the company. Singapore based ISP MyRepublic, which offers a Teleport service that works just like a VPN, has recently sent an email to all its subscribers informing them that its service can no longer be used to stream the US version of Netflix. The email was sent in response to the complaints made by MyRepublic subscribers who were unable to bypass Netflix’s filters and stream their favorite programs.

The email also states that over the past month, MyRepublic has been working closely with its subscribers in order to defeat the VPN ban imposed by Netflix. The company tested many options but none of them worked beyond a few days. The company was also of the view that Netflix’s proxy detection system is not only complex but is also ongoing and evolving.

MyRepublic’s email also states that we are now living in a new age of online streaming where content providers have significantly ramped up their capabilities and expanded their global operations and offers. As such, the company has decided to focus exclusively on Netflix Singapore and deliver the best streaming experience to its subscribers.

While some VPN providers are still looking for ways to defeat Netflix’s ban, others like MyRepublic have decided to move on. For the moment, it seems that Netflix has the upper hand and it may be able to block all the VPN and SmartDNS services in the near future.

October 14, 2016

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