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Smart DNS Proxy Coupon: 70% Off Exclusive Link

Smart DNS Proxy has partnered with VPNCoupons to provide our readers with an incredible offer. You can save a whopping 70% Off of your order by clicking on the redeem button here or on the right. This offer is not available anywhere else, and is an exclusive for our readers.

If you are not interested in this deal, you can also enjoy some of their discounted services available directly on their site:

1) 57% Off For 24 Months Service

Save $67.7 by subscribing to Smart DNS Proxy’s 2 year plan. This is indeed a rare opportunity to subscribe to a top notch SmartDNS service for a low price of $49.9 (instead of the usual $117.6). It is also worth noting that not every SmartDNS provider offers 2 year plans so grab this special offer for just $2.08/month while it is available.

2) 40% Off For 12 Months Service

Here you get to save $23.9. Going by the monthly price, Smart DNS Proxy’s 1 year plan should cost $58.8 but now you can buy it for $34.9. This offer also reduces the average subscription price to $2.91/month.

3) 12% Off For 3 Months Service

Smart DNS Proxy’s 3 month subscription now costs $12.9 instead of $14.7 so you get $1.8 off on the regular price.

4) 14 Day Free Trial Offer

Now you can test all the features of Smart DNS Proxy without paying a single cent. The 14 day free trial offer is available to all new subscribers and you don’t even have to provide your credit card number to avail this offer.

You can grab the above offers without having to enter a coupon at checkout. Just remember to visit Smart DNS Proxy’s website by clicking the links given in this article and you will see the discounted prices right away.

Why Use Smart DNS Proxy?

Smart DNS Proxy is a popular SmartDNS service that can help you to access your favorite streaming services regardless of your current geographical location. The service was introduced by Global Stealth Inc. in 2013 and since then it has been used by thousands of customers from all parts of the globe. Smart DNS Proxy can help you to unlock IP restricted services from 30 different countries plus it can also unblock services like Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter for you.

Smart DNS Proxy works with an impressive range of devices and operating systems. The service can be easily set up on computers, Smart TVs, Smartphones, gaming devices, tablets and even routers. The service provides an extremely easy way of unlocking over 100 premium On-Demand services and can be set up within minutes without the need to install any complicated software.

For more information regarding Smart DNS Proxy, please check out our detailed Smart DNS Proxy Review. Or, to visit the official site of the provider, click here:

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