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Up to 58% Off MicroVPN’s Money Saving Offers

Looking for a way to save money on a new MicroVPN subscription? Then please make sure to browse through the offers that we have posted below. MicroVPN is a US based privacy service provider that offers a bunch of VPN solutions so it is very important that you choose a subscription plan as per your privacy needs.

1) Save Up to 58% On IP Changer Plan

MicroVPN’s IP Changer plan offers enhanced privacy through static IPs and proxies and provides a new IP address to subscribers every 10 minutes. The plan costs $10/month but by opting for long term plans, you can save a significant amount of money on your new subscription. The term plans cost $20 for 3 months ($10 / 33% discount), $35 for 6 months ($25 / 41% discount) and $50 for 12 months ($70 / 58% discount) thereby offering a steep discount on the regular prices.

2) Save Up to 46% On Standard VPN Plan

The Standard VPN plan (PPTP only) is the cheapest plan available from the provider. The plan costs $7 a month but long term subscribers can subscribe to it by paying $15 for 3 months ($6 / 28% Off), $30 for 6 months ($12 / 28% off) or $45 for 12 months ($39 / 46% off).

3) Save Up to 56% On Pro Secure Plan

The Pro Secure plan delivers 256 bit encryption and costs $19/month. Here again, long term subscribers have an advantage since they get to subscribe to the plan at $35 per quarter ($22 / 38% saving), $65 per half-year ($49 / 42% saving) or $100 per year ($128 / 56% saving).

4) Save Up to On Secure Tunnel Plan

MicroVPN’s Secure Tunnel plan provides 2048-bit 3DES security for $20 a month. As you may have guessed, the company provides significant discounts on this plan as well and allows you to subscribe to it at a price of $40 for 3 months ($20 / 33% discount), $80 for 6 months ($40 / 33% discount) and $100 for a year ($140 / 58% discount).

To save money through above offers, you don’t have to enter a coupon code while ordering the service. Instead, click on any MicroVPN link on this page (or use the Redeem button) to go to the company’s website and check out the already lowered prices.

Why You Must Consider A MicroVPN Subscription?

MicroVPN is a proxy and VPN solution provider that has been offering privacy solutions since 2008. The service is perfect for those who are looking for military grade security since it provides up to 2048 bit encryption. MicroVPN ensures that your online activities remain hidden from higher authorities (ISPs, governments, security agencies, corporations) plus it also provides ultra-safe browsing environment that protects you from criminal elements and hackers lurking on public Wi-Fi networks.

MicroVPN has got VPN servers at United Kingdom and United States. The solution makes it easy for business travelers, tourists and students who are studying abroad to unlock their favorite IP restricted content (TV shows, streaming live events, movies etc.) from any geographical area in the world. The service even takes care of the censorship that is prevalent in many countries as well as most corporate environments and education institutions and gives you unrestricted access to your favorite social networking, video and VOIP websites.

For more information, please check out our MicroVPN Review. Or, visit their site at: www.microvpn.com

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